Soil condition classification using infrared spectroscopy

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In a very simple way, fairly monodispersed, 60nm liposomes were created.

Action to measure the liposomes stability over the next four weeks.


Table 1: Batch comparison RT
Batch comparison RTMean [nm]Mode [nm]Conc [particles/ml]
Sample 1123995.3
Sample 21241405.6
Sample 31231024.5
Sample 4120991005.2


Videos in accompanying ppt

“The phase transition temperature is defined as the temperature required to induce a change in the lipid physical state from the ordered gel phase, where the hydrocarbon chains are fully extended and closely packed, to the disordered liquid crystalline phase, where the hydrocarbon chains are randomly oriented and fluid. There are several factors which directly affect the phase transition temperature including hydrocarbon length, unsaturation, charge, and headgroup species. As the hydrocarbon length is increased, van der Waals interactions become stronger requiring more energy to disrupt the ordered packing, thus the phase transition temperature increases. Likewise, introducing a cis double bond into the acyl group puts a kink in the chain which requires much lower temperatures to induce an ordered packing arrangement.” – from



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