Save additional €265.000/year for refining catalyst protection

Monitoring liquid process streams is crucial for refining operations. Check out how you can save money throughout the refining process, with our solution for on-line production control.

Save additional €265.000/year by using Epsilon Xflow, a low-maintenance and highly reproducible sulfur, iron, nickel and vanadium cat-killer analyzer compared to any other analyzer.

  • Extend catalyst life time by simultaneous on-line analysis of S, FE, Ni and V: savings €100.000/year
  • Reduce conflicts between lab and on-line results (ASTM D2622, ISO 13032) saving precious time for product release, reducing temporarily higher give-away and costly re-analysis: savings €100.000/year
  • Quickly switch between process streams: savings €50.000/year
  • Reduce instrument- and calibration maintenance: savings €15.000/year and 5 days/year

Easy on line production control of liquid process streams

Customized integration of the Epsilon Xflow into your production process guarantees results right from the start. Malvern Panalytical’s specialists offer a complete solution for integration, including required sample conditioning systems, probes, fast loop pumps and more.

The Epsilon Xflow on-line liquid analyzer, is specifically designed for continuous elemental composition analysis of any liquid. The on-line solution provides real-time elemental insight in your processes, thereby leading to more efficient plant operations and reduced costs.

  • Multi-element analyzer with low detection limits 
  • Monitor and control your processes via Plant Control System
  • Chemical resistance for a wide range of liquids
  • Designed according to ATEX requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent long-term repeatability


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