The benefits of small spot mapping analysis in production process troubleshooting using an EDXRF spectrometer.

Sample homogeneity is an aspect that significantly affects several physical properties - strength, robustness, and lifetime of a particular product. Often, the inhomogeneity can be traced back to an error in the production process of a product. By knowing the sample homogeneity, manufacturers can trace back and optimize their process in order to create better quality products. Small spot analysis and elemental distribution mapping was conducted using a wavelength dispersive (WB) spectrometer with an energy dispersive (ED) small spot mapping (SSM) functionality. The latest advances in WDXRF instruments include the addition of an ED in the same spectrometer. The ED-SSM combination allows small spot analysis and element distribution mapping with spot sizes of 0.5 mm (FWHM) in diameter. The compositional homogeneities of a ceramic inclusion and a steel sample were investigated in this paper


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