Microfocus X-ray Tube

For imaging and non-destructive material testing

Malvern Panalytical’s revolutionary Microfocus X-ray Tube is ideal for imaging, inspection, gauging and non-destructive testing. 

An innovative grounded anode design provides optimal performance for: 

• Power load 

• Intensity 

• Close optical coupling 

• Stability 

• Reliability and lifetime 

The Microfocus Tube is available to X-ray equipment manufacturers in 60 kV, 90 kV and 160 kV versions. Spot sizes range from 10 to 50 μm. Tubes are supplied with a dedicated 19 inch rack high-voltage generator.

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Features and benefits 

Additional features and benefits include: 

• High power 

• Superior stability of intensity and spot size/position 

• Adjustable focal spot size 

• Compact metal-ceramic design 

• Wide selection of anode materials 

• Low cost of ownership 

• Dedicated optimized HV generator.