The importance of consistent particle orientation for accurate particle size and shape distribution measurements

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00:00:00 Obtain ACCURATE Particle Size and Shape Measurements Fast
00:00:46 Flow Particle Image Analysis with Sheath Flow (FPIA-3000)
00:02:13 Untitled
00:02:43 Untitled
00:03:02 Consistent Particle Orientation
00:04:48 Simulation – Controlled vs Random
00:05:21 Simulation Elongation – Controlled Orientation
00:05:54 Simulation Elongation – Random Orientation
00:06:20 Comparison size – Random vs Controlled
00:06:36 Consistent Sample Orientation – Analagous to Orientation Viewed through Microscope
00:07:26 Consistent Orientation
00:08:25 Untitled
00:08:50 Further Information
In order to deliver consistent, high-sensitivity particle size and shape distribution measurements, automated image analysis systems need to measure particles in a consistent orientation. This webinar expains why.