Anodic oxidations of carboxylic acids in batch and flow

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Synthetic organic electrochemistry takes its roots in Faraday and Kolbe’s classic works on the electrolysis of aliphatic carboxylic acids. Although a plethora of transformations has been developed ever since and many of them were successfully used in several industrial processes, the potential of preparative organic electrochemistry remains underestimated. However, the growing impetus to look for greener and more cost-effective alternatives to traditional synthetic methodologies recently led to the development of novel electrosynthetic methods.

This presentation will disclose new, safe, green, affordable, and efficient ways to generate highly reactive organic intermediates relevant to medicinal chemistry. We will also discuss their scale up by using flow electrosynthesis.


  • Jamie Stokes - Research Leader, Concept Life Sciences
  • Kevin Lam - Reader/Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Greenwich

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Who should attend? 

Academic and industrial synthetic organic chemists interested in new and greener electrochemical methods for synthesis

What will you learn? 

  • Understand the guiding principles of green and sustainable synthetic chemistry  
  • Appreciate the role of synthetic organic electrochemistry in a sustainable future
  • Understand the guiding principles driving development of new synthetic electrochemical methods
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art synthetic organic electrochemical methods