Extending the range of 2D solid-state pixel detectors

With pixel dimensions of 60 microns x 60 microns and overall sensor dimensions of 30.7 mm x 24.8 mm, GaliPIX3D is the newest and largest 2D hybrid pixel detector for XRD. The high-quality CdTe sensor provides unrivalled stopping power for X-rays and affords close to 100% efficiency even for the highest energy radiation, like Ag and Mo. As with the PIXcel3D this detector is designed to provide state-of-the-art 2D images, data quality and flexibility. The design of the 2D photon counting detector array allows users to switch seamlessly between 1D and 2D modes and to collect frames suitable for 3D processing in computed tomography.

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Highest efficiency for hard radiation measurements

The GaliPIX3D covers a wide range of applications requiring the medium and higher energy range of XRD wavelengths from Cu, Mo and Ag tubes:


Type GaliPIX3D
Window size 30.06 mm x 24.16 mm
Efficiency Cu Kα 100% (also for Mo and Ag)
99% Linearity range 0 – 3.9 x 109 cps – Overall
0 – 7.8 x 106 cps - Column
Energy resolution around Cu Kα 25%
Maximum count rate 2.4 x 1011 cps – Overall
4.7 x 108 cps - Column
Maximum background <6 cps - Overall
Active length 30.06
Smallest step size 0.0018º 2θ at 240 mm goniometer radius
Supported wavelengths Ag, Mo, Cu
Point Spread Function (PSF) 1 pixel (FWHM)
Defective pixels < 1%