Cryostream Plus compact

Unique device for in situ experiments in capillary geometry

Cryostream Plus Compact from Oxford Cryosystems enables XRD experiments in transmission geometry at temperatures from 227°C (500 K) down to -193 °C (80 K).

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From high-resolution powder XRD to PDF and basic SAXS measurements

Cryostream Plus compact is designed specifically for Empyrean and X’Pert³ Powder (X’Pert PRO MPD) diffractometers and is optimized for in situ high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction studies of both organic and inorganic compounds. The capillary transmission geometry allows to achieve superb low-angle performance and to minimize preferred orientation effects. Furthermore, the transmission geometry enables total X-ray scattering measurements for pair distribution function analysis (PDF) and basic SAXS measurements.