DHS 1100 – domed hot stage

Studying thin films and solids at high-temperature conditions

Anton Paar DHS 1100 is a unique compact high-temperature device allowing tilt and rotation of the sample with respect to the X-ray beam for advanced thin film applications. The optimized heater design guarantees high temperature uniformity and accurate temperature measurement and control. The X-ray-transparent half-circle dome enables a large field of view when working with 2D detectors. For easy handling of air-sensitive samples a gas flow ring enabling a flow of inert gas is placed around the sample insert port.

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For advanced studies of thin films and solids at high-temperature conditions

DHS 1100 is a heating attachment designed for advanced thin film applications (phase identification, reflectometry, high-resolution XRD) and advanced residual stress and texture measurements on thin films or bulk samples. 

Thanks to the compact design of DHS 1100 and optimized integration on Empyrean and X’Pert³ MRD diffractometers reliable sample positioning is easy and straightforward. An optional powder sample holder can be mounted on the heater plate for powder X-ray diffraction in reflection geometry.