In March 2015 the Mastersizer 2000 reached the end of its 16.5 year production run. Although the system is still supported, we believe that the Mastersizer 3000 represents the most capable particle size analysis system available today. In launching the Mastersizer 3000, we built on the capabilities of the Mastersizer 2000, extending the range of application of laser diffraction and delivering tools which make applications development much easier. We believe the time to upgrade has arrived - watch to find out why we think that is the case!

Why watch? 

Understand how the Mastersizer 3000 can help you obtain more robust and reproducible measurements using the technique of laser diffraction. 

What will you learn?

How the new capabilities which Malvern have engineered for the Mastersizer 3000 can help you work more efficiently. You'll also learn about the support Malvern provide to help with method and specification transfer from Mastersizer 2000 to Mastersizer 3000. 

Who should watch?

Users, laboratory managers and scientists who currently use or rely on the Mastersizer 2000 system and the particle size distribution results it generates.