Goetz Program Format Guidelines

Please use the following format for your proposal to ensure standardized content and to simplify evaluation by the review team.

  • Proposals should fit within two printed pages and may include anything you think strengthens your proposal.
  • Minimum 10 pt. font size
  • If requesting the 350-2500 nm FieldSpec® 4 or the 325-1075 nm FieldSpec HandHeld 2 , you must justify the requirement.
  • A graphic may also be included if it clarifies your proposed research.
  • If using Word, make sure your document is saved so it is compatible with Word 2010 format.
  • Please submit your proposal by October 19, 2018.

Only one submission per researcher will be considered. Goetz Instrument Program proposals must be submitted by current students. Upon submitting this application, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt. Please use the following headings and format for your submission:

  1. Project Title
  2. Investigator(s)
  3. Email contact and phone information
  4. Student status (i.e. MS, Ph.D. candidate, etc.) and accredited program name and location
  5. Instrument requested (please justify FieldSpec 4 or FieldSpec HandHeld 2 requirement, if requesting)
  6. Requested dates/season (please include explanation of time-frame requirement and most importantly, factor in required shipping deadlines/times if needed. Note: ASD ships the instrument to your educational institution and back only. You are responsible for any other transport in between.)
  7. Objective(s)
  8. Background
  9. Why is this important?
  10. What makes this innovative?
  11. How might this be interdisciplinary?
  12. Research Plan
  13. Expected outcome and impact

2018 calendar year program proposals must be received in our office by October 19, 2018.

Send your submission via email, or postal mail to:

ASD Inc.
Instrument Support Program

1625 S. Fordham Street, Suite 300

Longmont CO 80503 USA