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32nd OMA
South East Asia - Nickel edition

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31st OMA
North America - NIR edition

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30th OMA
North America

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29th OMA

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28th OMA

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27th OMA

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26th OMA


Day 1 - Day 2

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English21–22 July

Presentations: Day 1 - Day 2

English23–24 July

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Portuguese1–2 Sept

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Spanish8–9 Sept

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English24-25 Nov

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Virtual OMA events

The future of technology in mining

Since 2015, Malvern Panalytical has organized several Ore and Minerals Analysis (OMA) workshops at locations worldwide. 

In 2020, because of the continuing Covid-19 restrictions, we had to organize the events online, with the theme ‘The future of technology in mining’.
1260 participants around the globe and a lot of positive feedback encouraged us to continue this successful event throughout this year. 

Join us at one of our ‘Virtual OMAs’ in 2021 to find out how your mining operation can continue to succeed in these challenging times.

What will I learn?

Our Virtual OMAs are a great way of staying up to date with the latest advances in the field of mining automation. 

Day 1: In the Field and Mine:

Advanced solutions for exploration and grade monitoring
Day 2: In process and laboratory:
Adding efficiency and automation to processing and quality control 

Who should attend?

Our Virtual OMAs are ideal for:

  • Plant managers, planners, and engineers
  • Laboratory managers
  • Process control and quality control managers
  • Academic researchers and members of technical associations

“During these challenging times, we need to keep on learning from each other – and our Virtual OMAs will be a great way of doing just that”

Dr Uwe König - Malvern Panalytical

How will they work?

We are holding four Virtual OMA's in 2021, to cover different languages and time zones. 

Each one will be spread over two days, with two hours of presentations on each day. As you’d expect, you’ll be able to ask questions via chat during the sessions, and our experts will give their responses to you live.

The events will be hosted by Dr Uwe König, our Global Mining Segment Manager. Uwe has been at Malvern Panalytical’s Netherlands offices for 15 years, and in that time has been instrumental in helping companies and organizations in the mining sector share knowledge through on-site visits, international conferences, and local workshops. His specialty is in the development of new analytical solutions for exploration, process monitoring and optimization in the mining and metals industries.