From the applications laboratory: Using GPC/SEC to analyze elastomers

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00:00:00 From the Applications Lab: Using GPC/SEC to Analyze Elastomers
00:01:38 Abstract and Overview
00:02:24 Outline
00:03:21 Outline
00:03:28 What are Elastomers?
00:04:21 Untitled
00:07:24 What Is Chromatography?
00:07:59 Size Exclusion Chromatography
00:10:34 The Separation Process
00:13:59 Components of a GPC/SEC System
00:16:13 Detectors for GPC/SEC Systems
00:18:51 Outline
00:19:10 Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Data
00:19:52 GPC Analysis of SBR
00:21:40 GPC Analysis of SBR
00:22:03 Numerical Data for Samples A & B
00:23:25 Branching Analysis of SBR
00:25:18 Branching Analysis of SBR
00:26:28 Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA)
00:27:49 FIPA of SBR
00:28:30 Numerical Data from FIPA of SBR
00:29:00 Difference between FIPA and GPC Analysis
00:31:59 Butyl Rubber Data
00:32:48 GPC Analysis of Butyl Rubber
00:33:33 GPC Analysis of Butyl Rubber
00:33:58 Numerical Data for Samples A & B
00:35:52 Mark-Houwink Plot of Butyl Rubber
00:36:35 Conclusions
00:37:47 Untitled
This webinar presents examples of GPC/SEC analysis of various elastomer chemistries and highlights the physical characterization information provided by this technique.