Mastersizer 3000 Web Demo: measuring dry dispersions for simpler, optimal characterization

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00:00:00 Mastersizer 3000 Live Demo
00:01:21 Introduction
00:02:04 Why measure dry?
00:05:09 Demo
00:05:09 The Mastersizer 3000(E) Dry Dispersion at a glance
00:07:12 Contact Information

Analyzing powders as a dry dispersion is in many ways simpler and faster than wet dispersion. In order to characterize a wide variety of materials accurately, it is important to control the aerodynamic dispersion. 

From limited quantities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to coarsely ground coffee granules to free flowing milk powders, the new Aero S is designed to offer application specific configuration for optimizing different materials. 

This live demo will showcase the Mastersizer 3000 with the Aero S dry powder dispersion unit.