Date d'enregistrement: October 07 2021

Get direct insight into processes

Increasing attention to the environmental impact drives the mining community to increase their operational efficiencies. By having insight into the elemental composition, mining companies can adapt the usage of valuable resources as water, energy and chemicals, better to the ores they are processing. Moving analysis away from a central laboratory to at-line or even on-line, will increase the data frequency and with that, the level of adaptation to variation in the ores.

The Epsilon Xflow is an on-line analyzer providing insights into the elemental composition of liquids in liquid-based processes. The system enables X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) to continuously measure the essential elements during processing and feeds this data directly to process control. The Epsilon Xflow provides valuable insights in hydrometallurgy, leaching, electroplating and wastewater processes in the mining industry.

In this webinar the Epsilon Xflow and its capabilities are introduced in the studio. During the live event we will demonstrate its measurement capabilities and maintenance procedures to give you a better idea of the capabilities of the solution.