Why standards for light scattering, are important for your applications!

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00:00:00 Why standards for light scattering are important for your application
00:00:51 Overview
00:01:39 Abstract
00:02:10 Useful reference
00:02:34 Standards
00:03:54 Articles of Confederation Ratified by colonies in 1781
00:04:42 Gold standard
00:05:22 Standards – don’t forget ‘em!
00:05:56 Standards/standardization in relation to specifications
00:07:17 Symposium on Particle Size Analysis February 4, 1947, Supplement to Transaction, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Vol. 25, 1947 Pub.: Institution of Chemical Engineers, London Page 135
00:07:39 Fit-for-purpose
00:08:15 Standards/standardization
00:11:52 Materials
00:13:12 1003c Material + protocol
00:13:50 Methodologies/practice guides Light scattering
00:14:52 So why should I use standards?
00:16:22 Malvern and standards
00:18:11 Malvern and standards
00:18:40 Compliance and Malvern - LD
00:19:55 Compliance and Malvern - DLS
00:20:38 Compliance and Malvern - other
00:21:46 ASTM
00:23:00 Standards are child’s play….
00:23:15 Thank you!
A review of the international standards for Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Light Scattering, including ISO13320, ISO13321, ISO22412 and ASTM 2490-09. It will show how the Mastersizer and Zetasizer product ranges comply with these standards