Low-temperature powder diffraction - Evaluation of the temperature accuracy of the Oxford PheniX cryostat

The closed-cycle helium cryostat for X-ray powder diffraction applications was evaluated for temperature accuracy. Two methods were used to test the cryostat: thermal expansion and phase transition, and both methods confirmed the instrument’s accuracy and its suitability for low temperature powder diffraction. The PheniX cryostat is a valuable extension to the non-ambient capabilities of the Empyrean diffractometer.

The Phenix from Oxford Cryosystems is a closed-cycle helium powder cryostat. Designed for cooling flat-plate powder samples, the PheniX enables data collection close to liquid helium temperatures and combines fast cooldown and warm-up times with ease of use. The PheniX is equipped with a closed-cycle cryostat; a continuous supply of liquid helium is not required. It can be used to conduct X-ray powder diffraction experiments on θ-θ and θ-2θ type systems. 


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