X-ray diffraction in biomedical research - Chemical and biological analysis of bioceramic calcium phosphate coatings for medical purposes

Thin film XRD was employed for qualitative analysis of the chemical and biological properties of biomedical, electrosprayed calcium phosphate (CaP) coatings. XRD analysis provided in-depth examination of the relationship between processing conditions and the chemical nature of the deposited coatings. In addition, the reactivity of electrosprayed CaP coatings was monitored under in vitro and in vivo testing conditions. XRD characterization revealed that bioactivity and degradation behavior of bioceramic coatings are strongly dependent on crystallographic properties.

In the biomedical field, coatings are frequently applied to the surface of metallic dental and orthopedic implants to improve biological performance. Calcium phosphate (CaP) ceramics, due to a similarity to the inorganic component of bone and teeth, are commonly used for this purpose. 


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