Zetium - Trace element analysis of geological materials using Zetium and Pro-Trace

Zetium with Pro-Trace software and its standards make up a unique package that consistently produces very high-quality trace element analyses in a wide variety of geological materials, including rocks, soils, sediments, ores, minerals and mineral sands.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is used extensively for geochemical analysis. Simple sample preparation, high accuracy and precision, and good to excellent detection limits across large parts of the periodic table are the principal reasons for this choice. Accurate trace element analysis is becoming increasingly important in geology for many reasons including superior process control with associated cost savings, minimizing and controlling contamination and environmental pollution during mineral processing, geochemical exploration, quality control of products and pure research. The demand for lower and lower LLDs is ever increasing. For a typical high-power wavelength dispersive spectrometer configured for geological applications, average LLDs for most elements of geological and environmental importance are below 1 ppm. 


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