Respirable silica

Quantifying respirable silica: excellent performance on four reflections of a silica phase in as little as 90 minutes

X-ray diffraction delivers the best limit of detection and precision for silica analysis, and can also distinguish between the common polymorphs of silica – quartz, cristobalite and tridymite. PANalytical’s unique combination of high sensitivity and speed of detection with an unrivaled peak-to-background ratio delivered by the Bragg-BrentanoHD optic enables even better performance and offers a robust turnkey solution for the quantification of respirable silica.This example of such a solution is based on a classical straight line calibration accounting for the intensity of four quartz reflections, with a total measurement time per sample as low as 90 minutes.

The use of a high-performance industrial diffractometer in combination with the Bragg-BrentanoHD optics module enables fast and reliable analysis of respirable silica measurements, down to 1 μg of quartz in this example. 


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