Comprehensive XRD investigation of ZnO thin films

Reflectivity, powder diffraction, stress and texture using a multipurpose diffractometer

Malvern Panalytical’s X‘Pert³ MRD and Empyrean are high-precision, flexible and easy-to-use multipurpose diffractometers. Their dual diffracted beam paths are designed to enable a seamless transition between applications. In combination with a motorized sample stage, both sample alignment and data collection can be realized in a single customizable user batch. Furthermore, with a suitable software package, the routine data analysis starts from a single button click.

In recent years ZnO has become an important material in a variety of applications including solar energy conversion, piezoelectric nanogeneration and as a photocatalyst. The physical performance of fabricated functional electric devices containing ZnO is strongly related to the orientation and dimensions of films and particles within the structure. Exploring its unique electrical, optical and piezoelectric properties, requires structural characterization to be performed alongside device performance so that the ZnO growth processes can be optimized. 


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