Five compelling reasons to add the Hydro Insight dynamic imaging accessory to your Mastersizer 3000

Scientists, researchers, and quality control managers around the world use laser diffraction for particle size analysis. But, to develop truly high-performance products, you often need deeper insights than those provided by laser diffraction alone. In particular, to understand the influences behind packing, flow, and dissolution rate, you need to understand how particle size and shape affect your materials’ behavior.

The Hydro Insight accessory provides these insights by combining Vision Analytical’s dynamic imaging expertise with Malvern Panalaytical’s flow cell and dispersion technology. Sitting alongside our Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction system, the Hydro Insight provides real-time images of your liquid particle dispersions and individual particles. It provides quantitative data on particle shape as well as a window into your laser diffraction measurement, so you can troubleshoot more easily and develop particle sizing methods more quickly.

If you’re still not convinced, we hope this white paper will outline the benefits of adding the Hydro Insight dynamic imaging accessory to your Mastersizer 3000.


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