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Mastersizer 3000

Delivering the data you need for outcomes you can trust

From pharma to food, manufacturing to environmental monitoring, organizations the world over trust the Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer for fast, accurate and reliable analysis. The instrument’s ease of use and versatility means they’re valued for both scientific research and manufacturing quality control.

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Why choose the Mastersizer 3000?

The Mastersizer range has been trusted by scientists for generations. And the Mastersizer 3000 range has been developed with a deep understanding of real-world use, resulting in the most advanced and user-friendly particle analyzer in the world. What makes the Mastersizer 3000 special is:

  • Measures a large sample size range
    Incredibly versatile, the 3000 accurately measures particles from 10nm up to 3.5mm

  • Switches easily between wet and dry dispersions
    The ergonomic, easy-to-use  accessories make it easy to load liquids and powders, switch between the two, and prep and clean quickly

  • Data how you want it, with customizable reporting
    Flexible reporting means you get your data how you need it and can integrate them simply and seamlessly into your workflows

  • Intuitive software with ‘built-in expertise’
    The easy-to-use software also monitors your data quality, flagging potential issues (such as insufficient sample quantity, or if the instrument needs cleaning)

  • Compact. Well designed. Easy to use
    The 3000 is no ‘big beige box’. It’s been ergonomically designed to be as space-saving as possible and simple to load, use, clean and service

Understanding your Mastersizer 3000

Particles are too small to measure directly – but by firing a laser beam at a sample and measuring the intensity of the light that gets ‘scattered’, we can accurately calculate a particle’s size. The Mastersizer 3000 is the world’s fastest, most accurate and most reliable instrument for doing this.

There are three key components: the optical bench that houses the laser and detectors; the sample dispersion units where you load samples for analysis; and the user-friendly software that helps you run, report and interpret your data.

  • Optical bench and laser
    This is the heart of the Mastersizer, housing the laser and detectors which measure particles from 10nm to 3.5mm. It uses both red and blue light sources, and captures measurements across a wide range of angles

  • Sample dispersion units
    The dispersion units deliver samples consistently and in the correct concentration. There are six wet dispersion units to handle the widest possible range of sample volumes and dispersants, and a dry dispersant system that handles rapid powder dispersion, even for fragile materials

  • Intuitive software with ‘built-in expertise’
    the user interface makes using the Mastersizer fast and simple, without the need for extensive training. It guides you through every stage, integrates seamlessly with your workflows, and quality checks your measurements, flagging potential quality control issues (such as insufficient sample size or need for cleaning)

What customers use the Mastersizer 3000 for 

The Mastersizer 3000 lets users find the particle size ‘sweet spot’ for a vast array of processes – helping them create substances that behave more predictably, more safely and to a higher quality. Mastersizers are frequently used for:

  • Creating smooth-flowing powders
    Many manufacturing processes need powders to flow smoothly. ¬¬(Too small and flow is unpredictable; too large and the density of final products can be affected). It’s important for processes such as ‘additive’ manufacturing (like 3D-printing), and controlling the quality of sintered products

  • Packing powders to the right density
    The way particles pack together depends on both their size, and the mix of differently-sized particles. Getting the balance right means denser packing. It’s essential for mould-based manufacturing (eg ceramic and metal components) as well as for processes such as powder coating

  • Mixing stable dispersions
    Getting the particle sizes ‘just right’ in dispersions is the difference between creating a stable dispersion with evenly distributed particles, or one with agglomerates (that’s the difference between an even powder coating or smooth-flowing paint, or dispersions with lumps in)

  • Dissolving substances predictably
    Particle size directly affects the speed at which a substance dissolves. (Smaller is faster; larger is slower). This is particularly critical in the pharmaceutical industry, where this affects the release rate of the active components of a drug

  • Controlling how particles are inhaled
    Particle size affects how easy it is for people to inhale substances. In both medicine and industry there are strict guidelines for particle sizes – broadly speaking, so that drugs are quickly and easily inhaled, and harmful substances (such as cleaning products and hairsprays) are not

  • Deciding chemical reaction times
    Particle size determines volume-to-surface-area ratios, which affects chemical reaction times. Controlling reaction times is important in manufacturing processes such as the hardening of cement, and in producing effective catalysts (such as cleaning pollutants from medicines)

  • Manipulating how light reacts with substances
    The particle sizes in pigments, paints and coatings affects how the final products scatter light. So by controlling the particle size, manufacturers can control how bright, strong or glossy something looks

  • Improving the quality of food and drink
    The particle sizes in food and drink can have a dramatic effect on how they smell, taste and feel: the particle size of ground coffee affects is strength and brew time; smaller particles in chocolate make it feel silker and better quality



Taille des particules Suspensions, emulsions, dry powders
Principe Laser light scattering
Analyse Mie and Fraunhofer scattering
Taux d'acquisition de données 10 kHz
Temps de mesure typique <10 sec
Dimensions (l, P, H) 690mm x 300mm x 450mm
Poids 30 kg


Source de lumière rouge Max. 4mW He-Ne, 632.8nm
Source de lumière bleue Max. 10mW LED, 470nm
Montage des lentilles Reverse Fourier (convergent beam)
Longueur de focale effective 300mm


Montage Log-spaced array
Plage angulaire 0.015 - 144 degrees
Alignement Automatic


Taille des particules 0.01 - 3500 µm *
Nombre de classes granulométriques 100 (user adjustable)
Exactitude Better than 0.6% **
Précision / Répétabilité Better than 0.5% variation *
Reproductibilité Better than 1% variation *


21 CFR part 11 Enables an operating mode that assists with ER/ES compliance

System compliance

Sécurité laser Class 1, IEC60825-1:2007 and CFR Chapter I: Sub-chapterJ: Part 1040 (CDRH)
Tests réglementaires RoHS and WEEE compliant CE / FCC compliant Meets requirements of the European Low Voltage directive


Alimentation 100/240 v, 50/60 Hz 50W (no dispersion units connected) 200W maximum (2 dispersion units connected)
Humidité 80% maximum for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C. Non condensing.
Operating temperature (°C) +5°C to +40°C
Température de stockage du produit -20°C to +50°C
Indice de protection (IP) IP41B


* Sample and sample preparation dependent.
** Accuracy defined for the measurement of monomodal latex standards. This specification accounts for the manufacturer’s uncertainty in the latex size. Sample and sample preparation dependant.
Brevets The Mastersizer 3000 optical bench is protected by patents; US6,778,271 and related filings; GB2,340,932; together with patents based on applications WO2013038161, WO2013038160 and WO2013038159. Hydro MV and LV protected by EP1167946A2 and related filings.


Sample dispersion accessories for the Mastersizer 3000

Wet sample dispersion accessories

Hydro Insight

Un meilleur aperçu de l'analyse des matériaux

Le système d'imagerie dynamique Hydro Insight est associé au Mastersizer 3000 afin de fournir des informations allant au-delà de la distribution granulométrique, des images de particules et des données quantitatives sur la forme des particules. 

Il permet ainsi aux scientifiques, chercheurs et responsables du contrôle qualité de mieux comprendre leurs matériaux, de développer des méthodes plus rapidement et de simplifier la résolution de problèmes.


Dispersion de petit volume en voie liquide

L’Hydro SV est une unité de dispersion en voie liquide, à la fois simple et économique, conçue pour permettre l'analyse granulométrique de petits volumes d'échantillon et de dispersant.

Hydro MV

Module automatisé de dispersion d'échantillon de petit et moyen volume.

L'Hydro MV est un module automatisé de dispersion d'échantillons en voie liquide de petit volume pour l'analyse de la taille des particules. Convenant à des applications aqueuses et non aqueuses, il est surtout utile lorsque la taille de l'échantillon est limitée et/ou pour minimiser l'utilisation du dispersant.


Accessoire de dispersion d'échantillon en voie liquide de grand volume.

L'Hydro LV est un module de contrôle automatisé de grand volume, pour l'analyse granulométrique en voie liquide. Il convient particulièrement bien à des applications utilisant des échantillons relativement gros ou dont la distribution granulométrique est très étendue.

Hydro EV

Dispersion d'échantillon en voie liquide à volume variable

C'est un système à tête plongeante pour dispersion en voie liquide unique qui peut être utilisé avec des béchers de laboratoire. Adapté à une large variété de volumes de dispersants et de plages de tailles de particules

Hydro SM

Module de dispersion en voie liquide de faible volume, d'entrée de gamme

L'Hydro est un accessoire économique de dispersion d'échantillons en voie liquide, conçu pour mesurer des échantillons dans des dispersants non aqueux où l'utilisation de solvants doit être réduite au minimum.

Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer

Contrôle qualité efficace dans le cadre du procédé de production de chocolat

Dans le cadre de la production de chocolat, l'objectif est d'obtenir un produit au goût et à la sensation en bouche homogènes de façon économique et efficace. Le contrôle de la taille et de la distribution de taille des particules solides de cacao et de lait est essentiel pour atteindre ce but. Le Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer est conçu pour faciliter la production de chocolat et le contrôle qualité en fournissant une méthode simple pour l'analyse granulométrique rapide et fiable des échantillons de chocolat.

Dry sample dispersion accessories

Aero S

Dispersion en voie sèche à la pointe de la technologie

Conçu sur la base de la théorie élémentaire de dispersion des poudres, l'Aero S définit de nouvelles normes pour la dispersion en voie sèche. Sa conception modulaire assure une dispersion rapide et reproductible d'un très grand nombre d'échantillons, des poudres compactes aux matériaux fragiles.

Entonnoir de chargement d'échantillon Aero

Mesures de CQ rapides pour les échantillons de poudre sèche

L'entonnoir de chargement d'échantillons Aero est conçu pour permettre aux utilisateurs de réaliser des mesures rapides et reproductibles des tailles de particules de poudre sèche en alimentant des échantillons directement dans les unités de dispersion de poudre Aero S et Aero M sans ouvrir le couvercle de l'unité de dispersion. Ainsi, le processus d'introduction d'échantillons pour analyse est accéléré et simplifié, ce qui permet d'obtenir plus rapidement des résultats.


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Téléchargements logiciels

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Smart Install

Get your new Mastersizer 3000 up and running faster when you choose to smart install. 

With comprehensive resources to help you quickly and safely set-up and verify the performance of your new instrument, there’s no need to wait for an engineer to do it for you. What’s more, smart install presents a new training opportunity as you receive full access to exclusive training material. 

How does it work?

When you follow the step-by-step video instructions, you could be up and running within 90 minutes of delivery of your new Mastersizer 3000. 

You don't need any specific skills or knowledge to perform a smart installation. Simply follow the instructions provided. 

Everything needed to get started is provided with your new instrument – all you need is an internet connection to access the online training. 

Exclusive e-learning content

Resources to get you up and running quickly and with confidence include:  

  • detailed video guides walk you through installation and set-up;
  • 15-months  access to the Essentials e-learning course, which is provided at no extra cost;
  • a comprehensive user manual.

Find out more about smart install.

Malvern Mastersizer 3000 is one of the best instruments for determination of particle size for powders, granules, both in solid dispersion and in liquid dispersion. The instrument is very user friendly and easy to use as the principle of operation of the instrument is very simple and robust. The data generated on the instrument is very reliable and accurate. Method development on the instrument is very simple and gives reproducible results time and again...

Mahesh S. — Pharmaceuticals