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Morphologi 4-ID

Le Morphologi 4-ID fournit une description morphologique détaillée des mélanges de particules grâce à la spectroscopie Raman à orientation morphologique (MDRS).  Elle associe l'imagerie de particule automatisée à la spectroscopie Raman au sein d’une plate-forme unique et intégrée, permettant ainsi de résoudre les problèmes liés à une caractérisation complexe des particules.

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11 August 2021


Version 10.32 fixes 2 critical bugs, the audit trail files are now protected from accidental modification and manual light

setting measurements which were prevented by v10.31 can be run again.


02 December 2020


This release improves the Installation Qualification (IQ) process with new Performance Verification (PV) and system

check reports for Morphological and ID components. Stability and security have also been

improved with new camera drivers and restrictions on custom calculation functionality.


23 June 2020


Improved spectral performance

  • Addition of option to collect a background spectrum at start of measurement. This feature improves the user’s workflow as it ensures a background spectrum is collected from the actual sample being analyzed at the start of the measurement process, preventing the possibility of an incorrect background being used.
  • Improvements to the Raman Spectra signal to noise when acquisition time is 2 minutes or longer.

12 February 2020


  • Enable full software functionality with non-English PC language settings (tested on English & French and verified on German and Japanese locales).

18 March 2019


  • 21 CFR Part 11 support

06 July 2018


  • Morphologi 4-ID instrument support

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