In-situ particle size analysis consultancy

This consultancy service aims to demonstrate in situ how continuous real-time particle size analysis can transform plant operation. While customers tell us that the availability of case studies describing on-line particle size analysis applications is extremely valuable, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Understanding exactly how data can be used and establishing the suitability of the technology for individual processes is critical. The consultancy service addresses these issues. It is particularly beneficial for generating information to justify a capital investment in on-line analysis.

Using the Insitec Voyager, Malvern Panalytical’s mobile, laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer, this consultancy service aims at assessing the suitability of laser diffraction technology for specific applications. It includes an onsite trial which provides a practical demonstration of the quality and quantity of data produced by an on-line system.

The consultancy project typically has two key objectives:

  • Establish the suitability of laser diffraction analysis for the specific application
  • Assess the value of a permanent on-line system.

The value of this solution for your process is assessed through process monitoring over the course of several days, demonstrating the benefit of:

  • Improvement and automation of process control
  • Reduction of variable costs by minimizing waste, re-work and energy consumption
  • Enhancement of product quality

A Malvern Panalytical consultant is present throughout the five-day trial. Malvern Panalytical supplies an Insitec particle size analyzer for the duration of the trial complete with PC for data recording. Any concerns about the operation and effectiveness of the technology can be addressed on site, while the potential for process efficiency gains can be comprehensively explored. A final report is generated covering all aspects of the trial. This includes any problems encountered with installation, specific requirements of the application, trends recorded during testing and conclusions, summarizing the value of continuous analysis.

The Insitec Voyager can be used in almost any dry process. The consultancy service therefore has widespread application across many industrial sectors.

The consultancy package is offered on a fixed fee basis.