XRF sample preparation consultancy

Sample preparation is an important factor in the overall analytical precision and accuracy. While the XRF is easily capable to handle powders, pressed or loose, liquids, fused beads or even larger shaped irregular samples, choosing the right sample preparation technique starts with your requirements and materials. Malvern Panalytical can advise you which approach suits best given your material types and analytical requirements. Important aspects that will be considered are:

  • The most efficient way of getting samples representative of your materials introduced into the instrument in the correct form and shape
  • Understand and minimize impact of critical factors like particle size effect, mineralogical effects, surface roughness, texture and sample thickness
  • Procedures for optimizing sampling and preparation procedures given the available techniques and equipment

This sample preparation consultancy is aimed at helping you develop and optimize your sample preparation methods for many material types like metals, minerals, geological materials, oils, catalysts, chemicals and many more. The consultancy will be tailored to your needs and focused on your process and analytical requirements.