An Introduction to the Viscosizer 200 - automating low volume viscosity and size analysis

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00:00:00 Untitled
00:00:47 Introduction to the Viscosizer 200
00:01:03 Agenda
00:01:46 700 Malvern employees worldwide
00:02:38 Malvern’s commitment to biopharma
00:03:39 Overview of Biopharmaceutical Development Pipeline
00:04:29 Preformulation DevelopmentThe ideal application space for the Viscosizer 200
00:06:15 Viscosizer 200 – System Overview
00:07:30 UV Area Imaging
00:08:07 How does the Viscosizer 200 measure sample viscosity?
00:09:17 How does the Viscosizer 200 measure size?
00:09:57 Specification and Application Overview
00:11:38 Viscosizer 200
00:11:55 Applications Focus
00:12:00 Biotherapeutic Viscosity
00:13:18 Effect of excipients on BSA formulation viscosity
00:14:26 Screening formulation viscosity
00:15:42 Viscosity measurements of non-UV-active molecules
00:16:57 Flow Curves – “Apparent” Shear Thinning
00:17:56 Sizing of small molecules
00:20:38 Sizing proteins in the presence of large aggregates
00:21:34 Untitled
00:24:23 Concentration
00:25:01 Specification and Application Overview
00:25:36 Questions
00:32:09 Thank You
This presentation introduces Taylor Dispersion Analysis and UV area detection in the Viscosizer 200 for automated, low volume measurements of relative viscosity, and for the sizing of proteins and small molecules, in excipient-laden formulations