Optimization and characterization of nanomaterials for drug delivery applications. Part 1 - Liposomes

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00:00:00 Optimization and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery Applications: Liposomes
00:02:14 Optimization and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery Applications: Liposomes
00:02:23 Contents
00:02:53 Contents
00:03:00 What are Liposomes?
00:03:53 Liposomes for Drug Delivery
00:05:49 Contents
00:06:00 Untitled
00:06:49 Slide9-Particles are Visualised Directly, in Real Time
00:06:49 Slide10-NTA: Principle of Measurement
00:06:49 Slide11-Particle Sizing in action - Software Analysis
00:06:49 Untitled
00:08:35 Contents
00:08:41 Zetasizer Nano Series
00:12:04 Dynamic Light Scattering
00:14:14 Zeta Potential
00:17:25 Electrophoretic Light Scattering
00:19:46 Size and Concentration Limits*
00:22:02 Contents
00:22:24 Slide20-What do liposomes “look” like with NTA?
00:22:24 Untitled
00:23:41 Untitled
00:24:47 Slide23-Foslip® in PBS Measured by NTA
00:24:47 Slide24-Serum Background Measured by NTA
00:24:47 Slide25-Serum Destruction of Foslip® measured by NTA
00:24:47 Untitled
00:25:47 Untitled
00:27:29 Contents
00:27:38 Liposome Composition: Anionic
00:28:06 Liposome Characterisation: Anionic
00:28:33 Liposome Composition: Cationic
00:28:49 Liposome Characterisation: Cationic
00:29:06 Cationic Liposomes in Gene Therapy
00:29:40 Cationic Liposomes in Gene Therapy
00:31:57 Coated Liposomes (Steric Stabilisation)
00:33:04 PEG-Coated Liposomes
00:36:15 Conclusions
00:36:57 Further Information
00:37:33 Many thanks for your attentionAny questions?
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The physical characterization of liposomes is of great importance in understanding their suitability for a range of applications. Knowledge of the size, concentration and zeta potential of a liposome preparation can help to predict its fate in vivo. Association of charged liposomes with oppositely charged molecules can be monitored by measuring the zeta potential of the resulting complex. This webinar will discuss the suitability of the Zetasizer Nano and of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) for the characterisation of liposomes with reference to a number of application studies.