Powering power plants with online particle size analysis

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00:00:00 Powering power plants with online PSA
00:03:35 Powering power plants with online PSA
00:04:05 Applications for On-line PSA in modern coal-fired power plants
00:07:59 Why should power plants apply online sizing?
00:10:42 Background
00:12:31 VRM working principle
00:14:36 Current state of the art – Stationary Systems
00:16:18 State of the art – mobile measurements
00:17:40 Users of coal measurement systems
00:18:40 Working principle sample extraction
00:20:26 Working principle sample extraction
00:21:42 Isokinetic sampling
00:23:31 Prandtl-pipe to measure static and dynamic pressure to calculate the flow velocity at the sampling point
00:24:11 Determining measurement points according to VDI2066
00:25:57 Finding the correct measurement point in the duct
00:27:51 Involved laboratory analysis
00:29:17 Possible alternative Malvern Insitec Dry
00:32:58 Results test measurement HLB7 (1)
00:35:15 Results test measurement HLB7(2)
00:36:20 Results test measurement HLB7 (3)
00:39:09 Summary coal measurement
00:40:25 Fly Ash
00:41:48 Fly ash in the cement industry
00:42:58 Applications for fly ash
00:45:57 Pozzolanic reaction
00:47:57 Milled and classified fly ash
00:49:51 Classified fly ash for road construction / flood prevention
00:52:49 Utilization rate for fly ash in 2012 sold toCement plants and other customers
00:54:02 Contact Information

In fossil fuel power generation the usage of online particle sizing in the optimization of the combustion process takes on a greater significance. Pulverized coal is typically used to fire the boiler of power plants. The right particle size distribution of the coal is one of the key factors to an efficient burning process and thus an efficient combustion and low emissions of NOx. However this requires accurate periodic measurements of the coal. In this webinar we summarize the current techniques in use and show how the mobile Insitec laser diffraction system can be applied. Another application is the sizing of the fly ash - a waste product from the combustion process - which is nowadays used as a filler in the cement industry to improve the hydraulic properties of the cement but more importantly produce cements with lightened environmental footprint.