Measuring the Protein Corona and Self Assembled Drug-Albumin Protein Nanoparticles

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:30 NTA Provides:
00:02:08 What I will cover today
00:03:04 Optical Arrangement for NanoSight Instruments
00:04:15 Particles are visualized, not imaged
00:04:15 Sizing: Stokes-Einstein
00:05:35 Concentration: Particles are Counted by Number
00:05:35 The biological significance of the protein corona
00:06:38 Nanoparticles are Exposed To Serum Proteins Upon Exposure to the Blood
00:07:22 The protein corona determines biological fate
00:08:26 Using a protein corona predictive model to predict biological fates.
00:09:41 Their Results and Conclusions
00:10:51 Examples: NTA data for Gold Nanorods dispersed in protein solutions.
00:11:40 Human Serum Albumin Coated Gold Nanorods
00:12:51 Citrate coated Gold Nanorods dispersed in fetal bovine serum
00:14:02 PEG coated Gold Nanorods dispersed in FBS
00:15:30 Example 2: Investigating analytical tools to measure protein conjugated nanoparticles: DLS and NTA.
00:17:29 Example 3: On-line protein corona characterization using SEC, MALS, NTA, ICP-MS
00:18:23 Protein corona conclusions
00:18:59 Human Serum Albumin as an Excipient Background
00:20:08 HSA properties cont.
00:20:57 Abraxane (nab-Paclitaxel), Albumin-bound paclitaxel.
00:22:48 Recent and exciting advances in albumin drug formulations.
00:23:59 Example 1
00:25:14 Example 2
00:26:04 Example 3
00:26:49 Example 4
00:27:23 Example 5
00:28:23 2nd generation albumin drug formulations
00:28:44 Example 6
00:29:48 Example 7
00:30:43 Example 8
00:31:47 NTA Size and Particle Counts
00:32:53 A rapidly advancing field…
00:33:53 Conclusions
00:35:13 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:40:56 Contact Information

This webinar introduces the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technique and discusses how it can provide a range of useful characterization information for protein corona and self-assembled albumin-drug nanoparticles. Reviews of the latest literature for both protein corona and self assembled albumin-drug nanoparticles are presented. Finally, examples of NTA being used to characterize the size and counts of the protein corona and albumin-drug nanoparticles are shown.