High-Throughput Battery Materials Analysis for Gigafactories

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The Gigafactory model requires reliable materials characterization to achieve the promised efficiencies of vertical integration. Unifying the synthesis of battery materials, processing such as dispersion into inks, and production of cells is the first step to high-volume production and reducing vulnerability to supply chain problems.

These steps benefit from automated high-throughput materials analysis that can be used for process control. This webinar will discuss in-line and at-line instrumentation combined with automated analyses from microstructural (particle size with laser diffraction) to chemical (stoichiometry with XRF) to atomic level (Li/Ni site mixing with XRD).


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Who should attend? 

  • Scientists bringing research level analyses to production environment
  • Anyone equipping process for high-throughput materials analysis 

What will you learn? 

  • Learn how research lab analyses are being enabled at the production line
  • Learn how open architectures can be used to facilitate automated analysis and feedback for process control
  • Understand challenges that may limit agreement across multiple locations and how to address these obstacles