Medipix technology as a dedicated strip detector

With the PIXcel1D detector you have a dedicated strip detector for 0D and 1D applications. You can measure up to 255 times faster than with a traditional point detector, without compromising data quality. With no need for cooling water, liquid nitrogen flow, counting gas or time-consuming calibrations it is a cost-effective solution.

With an unrivalled resolution and dynamic range, the PIXcel1D can be used with all of our diffractometers.

견적 요청 데모 요청 영업팀 연락처


From X-ray powder diffraction to high-resolution thin film studies

The PIXcel1D covers a wide range of 1D applications requiring the medium and lower energy radiation wavelengths namely Cu, Co, Fe, Mn, Cr: 

  • Phase identification and high throughput screening
  • Standardless quantification of mixtures of phases
  • Refinement of crystal structures
  • Phase transitions at non-ambient conditions in combination with our in situ stages
  • Residual stress, texture and phase identification of metals and alloys
  • Powder diffraction from large unit cell crystals
  • Thin film studies.


TypePIXcel1D detector with Medipix3
Window size14 mm x 14 mm
Efficiency Cu K>95%
99% Linearity range0 – 6.5 x 109 cps – Overall
0 - 25 x 106 cps - Column
Energy resolution around Cu K18%
Maximum count rateMaximum count rate 30 x 109 cps – Overall
120 x 106 cps - Column
Maximum background<0.5 cps - Overall
Active length14 mm
Smallest step size0.0016º 2θθ at 240 mm goniometer radius
Supported wavelengthsCu, Co, Fe, Mn, Cr
Defective channels0