D24 inline sample disperser

Inline disperser for fine particle processes

The D24 disperser dilutes and disperses material drawn from the process, simultaneously directing it towards the measurement zone of the Parsum probe. It ensures robust and accurate sizing for particles with a Dv50 in the range 50 µm to 1.2mm, making it especially useful for direct measurement within fluidized beds.

견적 요청 데모 요청 영업팀 연락처


Easily slotted into any Parsum probe, the D24 inline disperser uses a compressed air supply to apply suction, sampling particles from within a process. Samples are diluted and then dispersed ready for particle size, size distribution and velocity measurement using the Parsum probe. The design of the disperser has been optimized to enable complete dispersion of fine, cohesive materials. A back flush function prevents material build-up, ensuring continuous measurement during process operation.

  • Back flush function to prevent build-up for long-term trouble-free operation.
  • Dual air supply to ensure efficient dispersion of fine particles.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.

How it works

The D24 disperser incorporates a ring nozzle with dedicated air supply to draw particles into the disperser and accelerate them towards the Parsum probe particle size and velocity measurement zone. A separate air supply is used to dilute the sample to an appropriate measurement concentration. In combination these features ensure that sample is continuously presented at the measurement zone in a suitably dispersed and diluted state, ensuring accurate size and velocity measurement. In addition, air is used to provide a purge curtain over the optics to keep them free of particle contamination, ensuring trouble-free operation during process operation.


Disperser for use with the Parsum in-line measurement probes, designed for the measurement of process streams containing fine, cohesive particles.


입자 크기 50µm to 1.2mm
측정 입구 4mm
제품의 미세 분말 % High
응용 분야 Fluidized Beds with very small particles or fines.
공기 흐름 l/min Up to 20 L/min required, dependent on application.

Operating environment

온도 -10°C – 100°C
습도 35% - 80% non-condensing