Mastersizer 3000+ Ultra

Mastersizer 3000+ Ultra는 레이저 회절 원리를 이용한 입도 및 입도 분포 분석에 가장 적합한 최상위 모델입니다. 이 모델은 가장 넓은 크기 범위(0.01~3,500um)를 측정할 수 있으며, 자동화를 지원합니다. 디지털 방식으로 향상된 Mastersizer Xplorer는 새로운 Size Sure 측정 모드를 포함하며, 인공 지능 기능이 강화된 워크플로 애플리케이션의 전체 세트와 함께 제공됩니다. 

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30 April 2024


Version 5.02 is a maintenance release.  It includes a fix to an issue identified in versions 5.0 and 5.01. If you are using versions 5.0 or 5.01, it is strongly advised that you update to version 5.02.

Version 5.0 rebranded the software as Mastersizer Xplorer and introduced a range of new software features for the Mastersizer 3000+ range.

See Software Update Notification (SUN) document for further details.

This software is compatible with Mastersizer range: Mastersizer 3000+ Ultra, Mastersizer 3000+ Pro, Mastersizer 3000+ Lab, Mastersizer 3000 and Mastersizer 3000E.

Note: This software no longer supports the use of the Malvern Access Control (MAC) or 21CFR Pt. 11 feature key. This functionality is now provided via OmniTrust. Users that wish to move onto the OmniTrust platform are now supported to retain access to their existing audit trail information. For more information, refer to the SUN document before installing the software or contact your Malvern Panalytical representative.


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