Addressing complexity of binding interactions with ITC - get the most out of your ITC data

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:02:12 How to Gain Insights into Complex Modes of Interaction with ITC
00:03:20 Overview
00:04:13 Isothermal Titration Calorimetry: Standard Models vs. Nonstandard Models
00:04:16 ITC
00:05:20 ITC
00:07:09 ITC's Black Legend
00:08:10 Standard Model Example
00:09:35 Standard Model Example 2
00:10:44 Nonstandard Model Example
00:11:34 Nonstandard Model Example 2
00:12:25 Nonstandard Model Example
00:13:06 Nonstandard Model Example 2
00:13:51 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:15:25 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:16:17 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:16:50 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:18:56 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:19:47 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:20:45 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:22:47 Nonstandard Model: Homotropy
00:23:26 Nonstandard Model: Heterotropy
00:24:39 Nonstandard Model: Heterotropy
00:25:54 Nonstandard Model: Heterotropy
00:27:17 Competitive Binding
00:28:43 Cooperative Binding
00:29:55 Analytical Tools to Gain Insights into Complex Modes of Interactions with ITC
00:30:27 Heterogeneous Mixtures of Ligands
00:32:22 In the Mix: Simultaneous Affinity
00:32:43 Direct Titration
00:35:25 The Reaction Builder
00:35:31 Reaction Builder Example
00:36:00 Reaction Builder Example 2
00:36:09 New Model
00:36:25 New Model
00:36:41 New Model
00:37:12 ITC Isotherms
00:39:43 Global Fitting
00:40:59 Global Fitting Results
00:41:23 The Species Distribution Plot
00:43:40 Heterogeneous Mixtures of Ligands
00:44:24 Heterogeneous Mixtures of Ligands
00:44:49 Experimental Setup
00:47:02 Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry
00:48:19 Multiple Site Ligand Binding
00:49:41 Multiple Site Ligand Binding
00:50:43 Multiple Site Ligand Binding
00:51:26 Are S1 and S2 of CaM Independent?
00:52:36 Are S1 and S2 of CaM Independent?
00:53:08 Global Fitting
00:54:09 How to Gain Insights into Complex Modes of Interaction with ITC?
00:55:09 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?Please type your questions in using the Q&A panel on the right side of your screen
00:55:27 Contact Information
01:01:25 Find out more

Watch our webinar on advanced Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) data analysis with guest presenters from ITC analysis software providers, AFFINImeter. Together we show how the latest advances in the field of ITC data analysis enable users to “squeeze” the ITC isotherm(s) to get more information than just thermodynamic data and to expand the range of applications of ITC. This webinar is very helpful for ITC users studying complex interactions, who are having difficulties with their data analysis, or simply want to take their analysis to the next level. It is also relevant for researchers from academia and industry working in biomedical applications, particularly in the area of drug design.