Cement - composition, structure and fineness – we are stronger together!

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:14 Meet the Speakers
00:01:45 Cement Composition, Structure and Fineness stronger together!
00:01:57 Outline
00:02:02 Malvern and PANalytical, we are stronger together!
00:02:31 Malvern and PANalytical, we are stronger together!
00:02:43 The process
00:03:43 From a chemistry point of view
00:04:13 From a chemistry point of view
00:04:32 Chemistry target
00:06:08 How? – X-ray fluorescence
00:08:33 EDXRF catching up?
00:09:26 EDXRF catching up?
00:10:37 PANalytical for chemical (elemental) analysis
00:11:57 PANalytical / Claisse – XRF cannot live without proper sample preparation
00:12:50 Other applications outside main cement production
00:13:18 From a mineralogy point of view
00:14:00 From a mineralogical point of view
00:14:05 Mineralogical target
00:15:23 Mineralogical target
00:15:56 Mineralogical targets - norms
00:16:17 How? – X-ray diffraction
00:16:54 How? – X-ray diffraction
00:17:24 PANalytical for mineralogical analysis
00:19:04 Other applications outside main cement production
00:19:46 From a particle size point of view
00:20:30 Fineness of Cement
00:22:04 Particle Size Distribution
00:23:00 Value of Knowledge...
00:23:56 Laser Diffraction
00:25:55 Malvern Solutions in the Laboratory
00:26:59 Malvern Solutions in the Laboratory
00:27:51 Malvern Solutions for At-Line Measurements
00:28:31 Sample Size
00:30:17 Malvern On-Line Solutions for Cement Manufacturing
00:32:10 Integration into the Process
00:32:37 Representative Sample
00:34:35 Real-time, Continuous Analysis
00:35:35 Value of Knowledge...
00:36:39 Value of Knowledge...
00:39:08 Related Applications Outside Main Cement Production
00:39:43 Value chain
00:40:39 Grinding efficiency
00:40:58 Burning efficiency
00:41:23 Predicting physical properties
00:41:45 Conclusions
00:42:31 The PANalytical Award
00:42:48 Upcoming webinar
00:45:00 Contact Information

Global demand for cement continues to increase and analysts project that the industry will maintain a healthy growth rate well into 2020. This positive outlook translates into mounting pressures on the manufacturers to increase throughput of new and existing plants while at the same time striving to reduce the environmental impact of cement manufacture though process optimization and use of clinker substitutes.

This presentation reviews the importance of elemental and mineralogical analysis and the value of precise analytical data to plant operations. It also discusses the importance of cement fineness and how precision and timeliness aspects of particle size analysis are related to production control and efforts to optimize grinding and reduce energy consumption.


  • Harald van Weeren was born in Hoorn, The Netherlands, in 1975. He started his studies applied physics at the University of Twente, The Netherlands in 1996. In 2002 he finalized his studies with a Master’s Thesis on Nb3Sn superconductors. In that same year he started his PhD research on MgB2 superconductors, where he focused on the material-science- as well as on the applicative aspects of this type of superconductor. Just after finalizing his PhD thesis in 2007 he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on cryogenic micro-coolers for space applications at the University of Twente. In 2008 he joined PANalytical B.V., Almelo, The Netherlands as product specialist non-ambient X-ray diffraction. Currently he is product manager, focusing on X-ray diffraction for process control and market segment manager for the building materials industry.

  • Alon Vaisman is Product Development Manager Process Systems for Malvern Instruments. Based at the company’s offices in Westborough MA, USA, he supports manufacturers in variety of industries world-wide in developing and improving their process operations through the use of in-process particle characterization systems. Alon’s background is in Mechanical Engineering and he has over 15 years of applications and support experience.

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Who should attend?

Plant Managers, Process Engineers, Laboratory Managers, QA/QC technicians. 

What will you learn?

Recognize the importance of implementing robust analytical methods for elemental, mineralogical and fineness characterization of cement and how the data can be used to improve and optimize various aspects of cement production.

Why attend?

Learn about the value and synergies between XRF, XRD and PSD analyses in cement manufacture and review the economic impact advanced analytical tools can have on plant performance.