Fecha registrada: March 19 2015

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The Zetium concept is illustrated by ‘elemental’ themes innovation, intelligence, technology, and support, to reflect the principal demands of our customers, namely analytical performance, usability and sustainability. Each of the components of these themes will be discussed.

Zetium is the successor to our highly successful Axios range of spectrometers and this heritage of proven technology underpins the new analytical platform. Innovation at the heart of the Zetium platform is SumXcore technology, which is an integration of hardware and software for wavelength dispersive (WD) and energy dispersive (ED) XRF and mineral phase analysis. A quantum step in our SuperQ software and the Virtual Analyst provides the system intelligence, giving enhanced data accuracy through new algorithms and access to the power of Zetium.

Lastly, users of Zetium are supported from every angle, from maintenance and repair services, to expertise, user training and accredited analytical services. With a worldwide network of experienced engineers, coupled with the industry’s largest pool of application scientists, PANalytical is always on hand to help you meet your analytical requirements.