Date d'enregistrement: August 27 2015

Duration: 50 minutes 0 seconds

Quality control and quality assurance are key aspects of any analysis. The focus on good QAQC practices continues to grow with increasing international trade, regulations and norm compliance. From sampling of the material to the final analysis each step introduces uncertainty. A attempts to monitor and keep each step under control.

In this webinar, XRF as a technique and the features of the Zetium spectrometer will be discussed to support your QAQC program. Further the automation of such a program will be highlighted.

Topics that will be covered include aspects of the analytical uncertainty, such as:
• Method uncertainty
• Sampling uncertainty
• Sample preparation uncertainty
• Calibration uncertainty
• Instrument uncertainty

The combination of Zetium’s intelligent sample changer as well as SuperQ/SPC (statistical process control) will also be discussed to show how your QAQC program can be automated through conditional logic. This applies to method QC’s, instrument QC’s, measurement of monitors as well as tracking and flagging of instrument parameters.