From the application laboratory:

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00:00:00 From the application laboratory – What does the Zetasizer quality reports tell you about your sample?
00:01:20 Abstract
00:01:44 Outline
00:02:15 Dynamic light scattering
00:03:05 Dynamic light scattering range
00:04:11 Intensity Fluctuations
00:04:59 Intensity Fluctuations, Correlation and Size Distributions
00:05:43 Correlogram Interpretation
00:06:34 Typical Analysis Algorithms
00:07:43 Analysis Algorithms in size report
00:09:01 Size report quality parameter
00:10:10 Size quality report
00:11:20 Size quality report – technical note MRK693
00:13:08 Correlation intercept is out of range (>1 or <0.1)
00:15:37 Correlation intercept is out of range (>1 or <0.1)
00:18:17 Long tail of the correlogram
00:19:05 Polydisperse sample
00:20:23 Polydisperse sample
00:21:05 Result quality – more than one problem
00:23:06 Other considerations
00:28:11 Electrophoretic light scattering
00:29:45 What Is Zeta Potential?
00:30:41 Measurement modes
00:31:55 Main indicator of data quality – phase plot
00:34:09 Zeta potential report quality parameter
00:34:49 Zeta potential quality report – Good and Questionable quality data
00:35:48 Zeta potential quality report – technical note MRK751
00:36:35 Good and (extremely) bad phase plots
00:37:31 Phase data poor
00:40:11 Distribution data poor
00:41:32 No distribution but result quality good?....
00:42:22 Other considerations
00:44:59 Summary
00:46:22 Contact Information
00:51:37 Polydisperse sample
00:52:34 Contact Information
00:57:30 Zeta potential quality report – Good and Questionable quality data
00:57:39 Good and (extremely) bad phase plots
00:58:26 Contact Information
This presentation gives suggestions about ways to improve the results after making a measurement using the Zetasizer Nano, and the quality parameter and quality report gives a warning, indicating an issue with the measurement or the sample