The spontaneous emulsion formation (louching) effect

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:02:25 Absinthe (and Ouzo) makes the heart grow fonder - the louching effect
00:02:34 Abstract
00:03:30 Obligatory opening quotation
00:04:19 The Ouzo Effect
00:04:19 Louching
00:05:08 Similar effects with other anise based drinks
00:05:41 Where does the word absinthe come from?
00:06:28 Anethole See: and calculated data from ChemSketch – ACD Laboratories
00:07:01 Thujone (Pronounced “Thew-John”)
00:07:56 Chemical Composition of Vintage Preban Absinthe with Special Reference to Thujone, Fenchone, Pinocamphone, Methanol, Copper, and AntimonyConcentrations J. Agric. Food Chem. , 56, 3073 - 3081 (2008)
00:08:43 Production
00:09:08 Old man and the AbbeAnethole = 1.56Ouzo (Measured) = 1.359 (40% alcohol by volume)
00:09:32 Blurred old man and the ab…sintheAnethole = 1.56Ouzo (Measured) = 1.359 (40% alcohol by volume)
00:09:53 There a lot of art, culture, hype associated with absinthe, in particular
00:10:48 Wormwood (Scrubs)
00:11:25 Oscar Wilde
00:11:47 Aleister Crowley/The Old Absinthe House
00:12:10 Art
00:12:32 More art
00:12:48 And even more art….
00:13:04 Jean Béraud – La Lettre Le buveur d'absinthe Jean d'Esparbès
00:13:22 Milio Burquin “La Buveuse D'absinthe”
00:13:40 Le Rire Number 52, January 30th 1904 – back page
00:14:00 Untitled
00:14:26 Ernest Hemingway
00:14:50 The menace of absinthe
00:15:29 Jean Lanfray
00:16:29 8 glasses and expired….Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News September 26th, 1903 page 161
00:17:48 Absinthe ban
00:18:16 US ban on absinthe
00:18:38 US ban on absinthe
00:19:17 Food Inspection Decision 147 – July, 1912Two years before ban on heroin and cocaine
00:19:49 Simple spectrophotometric study
00:20:24 SANS study
00:21:36 SANS study
00:22:48 Model studies
00:23:27 Nanoprecipitation as a drug delivery route
00:24:42 “Spontaneously Formed trans-Anethol/Water/Alcohol Emulsions: Mechanism of Formation and Stability”
00:24:59 Our studies
00:26:20 Diffraction
00:26:33 MS3000 - Diffraction – the toughest – no kinetic data possible
00:27:33 Approximately symmetrical distribution with some agglomeration…….. x50 ~ 230 nm (at start)
00:27:58 Dynamic light scattering – Zetasizer ZS
00:28:06 DLS – Dynamic Light Scattering – 3 measurementsNote the z-average is smaller than the Peak 1 mean
00:28:43 Volume measurement
00:29:22 Scattering Angle – Mie Minima & MaximaSlide: Courtesy Kevin Mattison Ph.D
00:29:48 Kinetic data
00:30:33 Ostwald ripening
00:30:48 More literature – trans-anethole model system
00:31:35 Nanoparticle tracking/Nanosight (NTA)
00:32:28 Graphic representation
00:32:52 4451video
00:33:42 Graphical data
00:34:15 Kinetic data
00:34:53 Conclusions
00:35:35 References
00:36:24 Books
00:36:38 Thank you!
00:37:35 Contact Information
00:38:27 Question
00:42:35 Contact Information

High alcohol based aniseed drinks (e.g. Absinthe, Ouzo, Raki, Sambuca) form a milky emulsion when water is added to them - the so-called Ouzo (or louche) effect. Adding alcohol to this emulsion recovers the clear solution. The size distribution is in the range where DLS, NTA, and laser diffraction can all apply. The emulsions grow in size via Ostwald ripening. We will present particle size distribution results of such dilutions made in the Westborough laboratory. Note that no samples remain from this testing!

What will I learn?

  • How three Malvern techniques provide complementary and interesting information from both a static and kinetic perspective.
  • Why absinthe was made illegal for many years in both Europe and the United States.
  • Something of the art and artists/writers (e.g. Oscar Wilde) in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the formation and chemistry of small emulsions. This effect is now being examined as a drug delivery route.