New advanced tools for processing and analysis of 2D x-ray diffraction data: XRD2DScan software 7.0

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2D X-ray diffraction is one of the most appealing techniques for users who are interested in extracting every bit of information about their samples such as anisotropic features in polymers or crystallite size of polycrystalline samples. XRD2DScan is the Malvern Panalytical software for displaying, processing and analyzing 2D X-ray diffraction data. It enables you to extract information from 2D data in an easy and intuitive way. The latest version of the software (version 7.0) is the most comprehensive solution in the market and offers new, exiting features such as scripting, easy automation and image comparison. It gives the option to perform orientation and crystallite size analysis. It allows you to dig even deeper as it also contains processing features such as flat field correction and detector-sample distance calibration. In the first part of this webinar, our in-house specialist Anil Kumar, will introduce these new options with a live demonstration on how to extract information from 2D data collected from different samples.

The second part of the webinar is presented by guest speaker Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Navarro, Full Professor at Departamento de Mineralogía y Petrología (Universidad de Granada, Spain). He will deepdive into the automatic analysis of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction patterns with XRD2DScan 7.0. The properties and behavior of materials (metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, drugs, biomaterials) are to the large extend determined by their phase composition, crystallinity and structural organization from the macro- to the nano- scale. Two-dimensional (2D) diffraction patterns collected using area detectors, available in modern X-ray diffractometers, contain detailed information about all these important material characteristics. Furthermore, the high sensitivity and resolution of newer detectors make possible collection of material structural information (phase composition, texture, stress) within seconds which allows following materials transformation processes in real time (crystallization, phase transformation, deformation).

Join us, as we present a new version (7.0) of the XRD2DScan software which has been fully updated adding new functionalities (i.e., ordering parameters and crystallite size determination) as well as automatization capabilities through scripting. The use of the software applied to the characterization of complex materials (polymers, bone, mollusk shell, wood...) will be illustrated through several examples.


Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Navarro, PhD and BSc in Physics, Professor at Departamento de Mineralogía y Petrología Universidad de Granada, Spain 

Dr. Anil Kumar - Application Specialist XRD Malvern Panalytical

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 Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in X-ray diffraction software innovation.

What will you learn?

Introduction of the XRD2DScan software

New functionalities of the XRD2DScan software 7.0 – Crystallite size analysis, Orientation analysis

Automatic analysis of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction patterns