Lubrication oils: wear metal analysis

Turnkey solution for accurate analysis of wear metals in lubrication oils

The appearance of wear metals in lubricating oils is a significant indicator of component wear or contamination. Accurate XRF analysis of trace elements in oil, and monitoring their levels over time, helps optimize preventive maintenance programs. The data can be used for an early detection of potentially expensive failures, this way reducing repair costs and increasing safety margins.

Expertise program for XRF analysis of wear metals in lubrication oils

The following elements and concentration ranges are covered by the Wear Metals Expertise program:

Ag0 - 500Mo0 - 500
Al0 - 2000Na0 - 500
Ba0 - 2000Ni0 - 500
Ca0 - 5000P0 - 2000
Cd0 - 500Pb0 - 500
Cr0 - 500Sb0 - 500
Cu0 - 400S0 - 500
Fe0 - 500Sn0 - 500
K0 - 500Ti0 - 500
Mg0 - 3000V0 - 500
Mn0 - 500Zn0 - 2000

In addition to standards, the program includes a complete methodology, from sample preparation to quality assurance, to be used with Malvern Panalytical’s XRF systems.


  • Suite of calibration standards as required for the norm(s) including validation sample
  • P-1 or P-2 cups and assembly tool and pre-cut Mylar foils, sufficient for calibration and validation
  • Setup of optimized analysis program and system calibration, enabling best throughput and accurate results, allowing routine analysis by factory operators
  • Setup of methodology validation and calibration maintenance procedure
  • Advice on sample preparation best practices workflow optimization
  • User training and documentation


  • Statistical Process Control for setting up QA/QC workflows*
  • Integration of the Wear Metal method into your standard operating procedures, including documentation and deployment at one or multiple sites


  • Malvern Panalytical XRF spectrometer: ZetiumAxios or MagiX WD XRF systems, equipped to run liquid samples, or an Epsilon 3 or higher range system
  • Oil-Trace module for SuperQ or Epsilon software, which corrects for variations in the oxygen to hydrocarbon ratio of samples, allowing best accuracy and use of a single calibration for multiple matrices

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* SPC is already included with Zetium systems