MPT-3 Autotitrator

Automate your pH titrations

The MPT-3 is a cost-effective accessory for the Zetasizer Advance range, designed to automate your Zeta and/or Size vs. pH titrations, helping you understand how your materials behave as a function of pH.    

The zeta potential and/or size of your materials with pH changes can be critical in understanding: 

  • Material stability
  • Agglomeration
  • Flocculation 
  • Point of net-zero charge (isoelectric point)
  • Storage conditions
견적 요청 데모 요청 영업팀 연락처

Features and benefits

pH is one of the main influences on the zeta potential of materials. Understanding how your samples behave over a range of pH conditions is important in determining when they are most, or least, electrostatically stable, or even if their particle size will change (for instance, by agglomeration or dispersion) over a specific pH range. 

The titration method step built into our ZS Xplorer software allows users to quickly and easily perform even complex multi-step titrations, increasing productivity by automating the whole titration process. 

MPT-3 Method NEW.png

Results can be evaluated from within the ZS Xplorer software and any iso-electric points are automatically calculated for you. 

How it works

The MPT-3 Autotitrator incorporates a pump to carry the sample from the reaction vessel to the Zetasizer, pH probe and measurement electronics, and three syringes for three titrants.

The syringes have low volume displacement and well-characterized plunger diameters. This allows the accurate addition of very small amounts of titrant, as low as 0.28 µL, which enables precise targeting of the desired pH value. This is particularly important at pH values close to neutrality.

The Autotitrator supports the use of two concentrations of acid or base in order to generate a very wide pH range. The system will automatically use the appropriate titrant to provide the minimum amount of additive with the maximum accuracy.

The whole measurement sequence can be stored as a method for subsequent re-use, allowing you to standardize your methods for specific materials. 

Use of a degasser for titrants is recommended to prevent air-locks forming in the titrant lines.

Includes: MPT-3 Autotitrator, liquid filled micro pH probe kit, disposable sample cups, magnetic stirrer.


시스템 호환성 Size and zeta potential vs. pH titrations on Zetasizer Advance Series (zeta potential only on Zetasizer Lab model)
용매 호환성 Aqueous samples
최소 샘플량 5 mL
pH 범위 1 - 13
샘플 접촉 물질 Silicone tubing, PTFE, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene
전원 100 – 240V 50 – 60Hz 45VA required
크기 범위 180 mm x 400 mm x 370 mm (W x D x H)
무게 6.2 kg
포함 MPT-3 Autotitrator, liquid filled micro pH probe kit, disposable sample cups, magnetic stirrer.