New at Pittcon 2017 – PANalytical presents their new benchtop XRD system Aeris

PANalytical, world’s leading supplier of analytical X-ray instrumentation and software, will present Aeris, their new X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) benchtop instrument, for live demonstration in booth 2412 at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago, IL, March 6-9. Conferees can experience firsthand the ease of use and high performance of this newly developed system.

Aeris will impress with data quality and speed of data acquisition so far only seen on full-power systems. The instrument is accessible for everyone with its built-in touch screen computer and intuitive software. Aeris is also designed for low cost of ownership – it only requires a single-phase power outlet and never needs cooling water or compressed air. Additionally, Aeris is the first benchtop XRD system that is fully automatable and can easily be incorporated in industrial production control. Aeris is available in 3 editions tailored to specific industrial markets - cement, mining and metals, providing fast and precise mineralogical phase information, which can be used for control and optimization of a production process. A fourth version - the Research edition of Aeris, is designed for quick XRD scans in any laboratory and is easily accessible for students. Especially with its unique 2D detector option it also serves as an ideal instrument for teaching XRD.

Also on display at Pittcon 2017 is LeDoser, our new automated weigher created by our team of experts at our Claisse division. This instrument is specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision to ensure constant weighing and eliminate calculation errors. LeDoser also promotes a safer work environment, decreasing the risk of operator injuries caused by repetitive tasks. LeDoser is an essential to achieve constant, on-target results and efficient laboratory management.

Additionally PANalytical will show our flagship XRF system, Zetium, in a special configuration – the 1 kW Zetium with SumXcore technology. It offers vastly increased speed performance through the new option of the ED core. This option allows our customers to benefit from up to 40% reduced analysis time on a low cost of ownership system which requires no external cooling. 

PANalytical recently announced that its parent company Spectris plc has acquired Pixirad Srl., an Italian technology company that develops and distributes high-performance X-ray detectors. The business will be integrated into PANalytical. Pixirad was established in 2012 under the spin-off program of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN). The detector know-how was originally developed through research into advanced particle physics and space research technologies and has been further improved by Pixirad for use with high energetic X-rays. PANalytical sells the Pixirad detectors known as the GaliPIX detector as a top-of-the-range option for its Empyrean X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument, used for various materials analysis applications. An example of the exciting applications for the GaliPIX detector-enabled Empyrean is the study of the characteristics of Li-ion batteries as they are run through repeated charge-discharge cycles. Demand for Li-ion batteries and the applications they are used in are growing significantly. The added insight brought from the Empyrean instrument helps developers and manufacturers understand the causes of performance reduction thereby demonstrating how technological advances originating from fundamental research in the field of nuclear physics can be made relevant for solving societal problems. 

The combination of Pixirad’s know-how with PANalytical’s expertise in solutions utilizing advanced X-ray detectors will result in rapid expansion of the range applications addressed by existing and future instruments. 

PANalytical recently merged with Malvern Instruments, and the combined companies are collocated at Pittcon 2017. On Wednesday afternoon March 8 we will hold a joint Customer Appreciation event in our booth area.