Software Update Announcement

Malvern Panalytical recognises that we are all operating in a rapidly changing world, with new opportunities but also new threats and challenges.  We understand that information security is of the utmost importance. 

As one of your trusted partners, we recognise the importance of the integrity of your data and systems.  With the rise in cyber security threats seen over recent years, we have adopted a pro-active approach in searching for potential software vulnerabilities in the code base of our products, constantly monitoring and reviewing potential threats and mitigating them as a natural evolution of our ISO 9001:2015 certified software development process. 

For you, our customers, this means that our software releases will continue to include fixes addressing potential code vulnerabilities.  However, in line with industry best practise, we will not be providing specific details in the Software Update Notification (SUN).  

We trust that our approach will give you continued confidence in using our products for years to come, and that you continue to take advantage of the software updates we provide in order to keep your system secure. 

  1. Never open files from an unknown source 
  2. Don’t click on links and attachments in emails from unknown senders 
  3. Keep your applications up to date – always use the latest version of software 
  4. Use VPN connections when possible 
  5. Use anti-virus software 
  6. Only plug devices into your computer from sources you trust   
  7. Close down accounts no longer needed 
  8. Be vigilant when browsing the internet and be aware of fake sites 
  9. Run with the minimum number of permissions required for your role  
  10. Ensure you generate and maintain password protection for applications