Water Treatment Optimization via Zeta Potential

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00:00:00 Water Treatment Optimization via Zeta Potential
00:02:32 Coagulation
00:04:36 Introduction
00:06:54 Introduction – Example Problem
00:08:39 Introduction - Results
00:09:12 Coagulation
00:10:18 Coagulation
00:11:23 Water Treatment, Main Process
00:13:16 Water Treatment Process
00:14:43 Water Treatment: Water Quality
00:15:41 Clarification
00:16:58 Clarification
00:18:03 Clarification, Example
00:20:49 Results
00:22:00 Water Treatment, Model Studies
00:24:18 Kaolin / Water Dispersion Studies
00:26:37 Water Treatment Facility Processing Results
00:26:55 Water Treatment Control Data
00:28:17 Water Treatment Control Data
00:29:18 Water Treatment Control Data
00:30:55 Zetasizer Instrument: Production of Clean Water, Conclusions
00:32:18 Zetasizer Instrument: Conclusions, (Continued)
00:33:06 Contact Information
00:33:25 Water Treatment Control Data
00:36:06 Kaolin / Water Dispersion Studies
00:41:00 Contact Information
Zeta potential measurements using the Zetasizer Nano can both evaluate the effectiveness of the chemicals used to clarify a water supply and be used optimize the amount of coagulant needed, improving quality and minimizing cost