Polymer characterization by triple detection SEC

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00:00:00 Polymer Characterization by Triple or Tetra Detection SEC/GPC
00:00:23 Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)
00:01:50 Triple/Tetra Detection SEC by Malvern
00:03:18 Concentration Detectors
00:05:17 Advanced UV Plots Available with PDA
00:06:18 Solution Viscometry - Four-capillary Viscometer
00:07:17 Structure Analysis – Mark-Houwink Plots
00:08:12 Static Light Scattering for SEC
00:09:27 Triple/Tetra Detection Principles
00:10:55 Advanced Polymer Analysis Using Triple Detection
00:12:55 Triple/Tetra Detection - Summary
Triple detection is used with size-exclusion chromatography to characterize the absolute molecular weight and molecular size of synthetic and biological macromolecules independent of each other, and without relying on retention time