Using laser diffraction for asphalt emulsion particle size distribution measurements

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00:00:00 Diffraction for Asphalt Emulsion Size Distribution Measurement
00:01:50 Laser Diffraction for Asphalt Emulsion Measurement Presented by Joe Wolfgang, Diffraction Product Manager North America
00:02:36 Laser Diffraction Reasons for success…..
00:05:15 Mastersizer 2000 Advanced measurements made simple…
00:06:32 What does Laser Diffraction measure?
00:07:34 Huygen Diffraction from a single droplet
00:08:18 What does Laser Diffraction Measure? Changes in light scattering as a function of particle/droplet size
00:09:13 Scattering data analysis… Mie Theory
00:10:30 A basic laser diffraction system…
00:11:55 Mastersizer 2000 Optical Design Red Light Scattering
00:12:46 A typical laser diffraction data set… Coarse Particles
00:13:27 A typical laser diffraction data set … Sub-Micron Particles
00:13:47 Scattering data analysis…
00:14:32 What is particle size?
00:15:17 Ceramics: Agglomerate detection…
00:16:55 Latex standard measurements…
00:17:28 Particle Size Effect on Field Performance of Asphalt Emulsion
00:17:31 Typical Asphalt Mixture liquid components
00:17:53 What are we measuring?
00:18:44 Finer particle sizes and narrower distributions set and cure faster, due to better coating
00:19:02 3 key effects of particle size
00:19:35 What are we measuring?
00:19:46 3 key effects of particle size
00:20:04 Some examples of how Particle Size effects your profit
00:20:16 As the d50 increases from 3 microns to 12 microns
00:20:47 As the d50 increases from 3 microns to 12 microns
00:21:20 As the d50 increases from 3 microns to 15 microns
00:21:49 If smaller is better, why not aim for 1 micron?
00:22:36 You are not just buying a Malvern product….you are investing in Malvern
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00:25:18 Contact Information
Laser Diffraction has proven itself as a reliable and cost-effective technique for monitoring the emulsions used in the Asphalt Industry. Find out how it's done!