The Zeta Potential and New Protein Studies

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00:00:00 Zeta Potential and New Protein Studies
00:01:06 Untitled
00:01:19 Untitled
00:01:52 Formulated Products
00:04:42 PART TWO
00:04:48 What is Zeta Potential?
00:05:57 Electrostatics
00:07:56 Zeta Potential
00:08:29 Untitled
00:09:38 ELECTROSTATICS:Origins of Surface Charge in Aqueous Media
00:10:06 Untitled
00:14:24 Polymer Adsorption
00:16:57 Predicting Dispersion Stability
00:18:02 Mobility, Zeta Potential - Measurements
00:19:39 Laser Doppler Electrophoresis
00:20:32 Optical Configuration
00:21:25 Electrophoretic Light Scattering(Zeta Potential)
00:22:36 Electrophoretic Mobility and Zeta PotentialInstrumentation
00:23:03 Sensitivity of the Zetasizer Nano ZSP
00:24:10 Protein Mobility Measurements*
00:25:43 Protein Mobility Measurement Type
00:27:08 Protein Mobility Sequence
00:27:53 Diffusion Barrier Technique*
00:29:21 Electrophoretic Mobility of BSA at 1mg/mL
00:30:58 Protein Mobility Results
00:31:35 Human Serum Albumin Mobility at pH 7
00:32:57 Human Serum Albumin Mobility at pH 4
00:33:39 BSA pH Trend
00:34:38 Example Measurement Cells Capillary & Dip Cells
00:35:15 Conclusion
00:36:27 Website –
00:36:48 Contact Information
Measurements of the zeta potential of proteins were challenging due to their poor scattering and sensitivity to the measurement conditions. The Zetasizer Nano ZSP, and a novel measurement technique has made dramatic improvements in results