An introduction to fiber parameter measurement on the Morphologi G3

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00:00:00 Introduction to Fiber Parameters measured on the Morphologi G3
00:00:11 Caliper Measurements of Fibers
00:00:40 Fiber Total Length
00:01:15 Fiber Width
00:01:34 Comparison of calliper and fiber measurements
00:02:09 Fiber elongation:
00:02:40 Fiber straightness:
00:03:02 Application example 1
00:03:18 Example 1 - Results
00:03:49 Comparison of width (caliper) and fiber width
00:04:19 Comparison of elongation (caliper) and fiber elongation
00:04:40 Application Example 2
00:04:58 Width distribution (Caliper)
00:05:16 Fiber Width distribution
00:05:41 Conclusions
This short presentation gives an overview of new functionality to analze fiber parameters with the Morphologi G3 system.